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Renters is the financial services company for real estate – revolutionising how rent is paid & managed. Our products are designed to improve the financial lives of renters and their property managers.

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We’re here to help both sides of the lease.


Lower your move-in costs, pay rent on your own terms, and protect the things you love.


Boost your NOI and reduce your bad debt while seamlessly managing 1000+ tenants

What People Say?

Saved 500 Dhs on my rent payment!

Wael Usman

Farhad Azizi Residence

Ran out of cheques. Paid rent with my credit card

Rami Jahaj

Nahda Residence

Moved to new house paying only 25% of security deposit

Hamza Habib

Paramount Tower B

Now my rent date matches my salary date

Rabih Abubakar

Sobha Creek Vista Tower B

Don't need to block all my cash into moving expenses

Rohit Jain

Pulse Residence

Got 1,000 Dhs as spend bonus from my credit card!

Sarah Salem

Ajman Clock Towers


Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Write to us at
Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Write to us at

Building the future of rent savings!rewards!

Renters is proudly supported by industry leaders to bring you the best in rent payments innovation

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