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Renters - Rent Payments Made Rewarding

Simplified rent payments experience

A flexible way to manage rent payments, lower your move-in costs and pay rent on your own terms with a seamless rent payments experience.

Online rent payments anytime from anywhere! Instantly & Securely​

With Renters you can now pay your rent online to any property owner in the UAE using your Credit Card or Instant Bank Transfers.  Simply download Renters and start paying rent online from the comfort of your home

Say goodbye to cash shortages when paying your rent!

We all face situations at times when you just need an extra few days to pay the next rent cheque. We have got you covered with Renters – easily use your credit card to make the rent payment and get up to 45 days to settle your payment.

No more bounced cheques - ever again​

There is a much better way to spend your hard-earned cash than on bounced cheque charges or expensive late payment fees! And not to mention the inconvenience of collecting bounced cheques from the real estate office. With Renters paying your rent online is a breeze using either credit cards or instant bank transfers.

Take control of your finances

Get the flexibility to manage your biggest monthly expense! With Renters you have the option to set auto pay reminders and schedule your rent payments online safely and securely as per your convenience.

Maximize your rewards while paying rent!

Renters offers exciting perks for every rent payment you make. Earn cashback, discounts, and much more everytime you pay your rent!

A flexible approach to making rent payments your way

Bank grade security and reliability

Renters is built on bank grade payments technology for security & reliability to make sure your rent payments are processed ontime, everytime!

Dedicated Customer Support

Renters advisory team is available to guide you through your rent payments instantly via WhatsApp or Calls 7 days a week.

Instant rent payments within 60 minutes

With Renters advanced online payment technology we make sure your rent payments are processed and settled within 60mins!

How it Works?

Using Renters is secure, quick and easy.

1. Seamlessly add your properties

Easily setup your properties by adding the tenancy contract and landlord bank account details

2. Instantly pay your rent online

Select your home and make the rent payment securely and safely using your credit card

3. Get rewarded every time!

Enjoy exclusive cashback, rewards, and much more every time you make a payment with Renters

Why people love Renters?

Ayesha Nasar

Was short on cash for paying my rent so used Renters to pay using my credit card easily and effortlessly!

Mohamed Ismail

I made my upcoming rent payment and earned AED 300 in my first transaction as cashback from my credit card!

Joana Perez

I had a family emergency and used up my rent savings. Paid with Renters using my card and didn’t miss my rent payment.

Kazim Zakir

Paid my first rent with Renters and I can pay back the bank within 45 days!

Nitin Kumar

Paid upcoming rent payment and earned AED 300 on first transaction as cashback from my credit card!

Rehan Ansari

Got a great discount from the owner for paying full-year rent with Renters.

Got Questions?

Download Renters & get started today!

Experience a flexible approach to managing your rent payments, reducing your move-in expenses, and enjoying the freedom to pay rent according to your own preferences!

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